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Rental Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that we have put together to assist you. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call us or send an email.

What is included?
From your first showing to the day of your event you will be working with Jeremy Mills and/or one of his staff members who will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have regarding the Barn and your event. The rental of the barn includes access to the upper level of the barn and the surrounding grounds from 7am - 11pm (Music Shut Off is no later than 10pm). Tables for up to 150 guests are included. Linens, Chairs, etc.  are included in the Deluxe & Premium Barn Packages. Linens, Chairs and Decorations for the DIY Barn package can be brought in from a third party rental company. Jeremy and/or one of his staff members are available during the event to ensure a successful celebration from start to finish. The Barn at Heather Glen does not charge additional hidden fees or hourly rates for answering questions and making sure questions before, during and after the event are answered.

Does cost change dependent upon which day of the week or month of the year?
Our 2018 Weekend Rates (Fri or Sat from 7am to 11pm) Start at $2900.00. We have 3 packages to choose from as well as Add On's to customize a package for YOU.  Our weekday rates (Monday through Thursday) starts at $1500.00. For a list of available Add On's please email or call (614) 842-7762.

How soon do I need to book?
The sooner the better because dates fill up fast! If you would like to know the availability of a particular date please email us and we can let you know our availability.

How do I pay?
Upon signing your contract, The deposit and 1/2 of the rental fee is due at time of signing.  The second half is due 60 days prior to your event. We accept checks or cash. The deposit is returned the following day of the event minus any damages or fees due to failure of following the rental contract.

How many guests are permitted?
The guest limit is 150 including the wedding party (children are included in this count as well)

Do you have any vendors you suggest for events?
We do! You can find them here on our preferred vendors link with links to their websites. (Coming Soon)

Do I have to use your vendors?*
No, you do not. We have preferred vendors because we work with them on a continual basis and have a working relationship with them and their craft. Feel free to use any insured vendor of your choice! Please note that your vendors need to know that there is NO FIRE permitted inside the barn. (That includes the use of sternos)

What if I use my own vendors?
No worries! There is no outside vendor fee here. All we would need from you is a good phone number and email address for your vendor so we can get them to sign our Vendor Agreement form. Please note that your vendors need to know that there is NO FIRE permitted inside the barn. (That includes the use of sternos)

What if I choose to do a "pot luck style" wedding?
Great! If you are not having your wedding catered and you are bringing in your own "pot luck style" food we have plenty of outlets and areas for setting up crock pots, side dishes and entrees. We will discuss options with you during your showing and restrictions regarding warming dishes since no fire is permitted in the Barn. (No open flame or sterno)

Is alcohol permitted?
Yes. You may bring in your own alcohol. The responsible party would need to purchase Special Event Insurance that includes liquor liability for the day of the event. You may contract your own insurance provider or we can provide a referral for a preferred vendor.

Are there any noise restrictions?*
Yes, The Barn is located in a residential neighborhood and we respect our surrounding neighbors. To keep everyone happy, we work with a designated DJ who is familiar with the Barn and knows the permitted decibels to keep the celebration lively yet still maintain a respectful level of noise to the neighboring properties. Any amplified music will fall under these restrictions. (Live Bands and/or DJ services). The Barn also has built in speakers for smaller ceremonies or to utilize for background music. (IPOD, CD, microphone capabilities)

What if it rains?
Have no fear! You can move your ceremony inside and utilize the Barn for both your ceremony and reception. We have had many weddings where both the ceremony and reception occurred inside the Barn and we can help you with set-up and design in-case of rain. The Barn stays dry and has doors that can be shut to keep everyone dry.

Does the Barn have heating and/or A/C?
It does not. The Barn is a seasonal venue open from May 1st to November 1st. During hot summer months, the open slats in the barn wood along with the ceiling fans provide an adequate breeze to keep it cool within the barn. Later into the fall season, we recommend guests to bring a jacket and warmer clothes depending on weather. We do not allow any portable heaters in the barn since they have an open flame. Guests may stay warm near the bonfire pit and the doors can be closed to provide a barrier against any wind and/or rain while inside the barn.

Any recommendations we should tell our guests?
We do recommend to tell your guests to keep in mind the venue is still a barn, although a beautiful one. The barn floors have uneven surfaces and high heels are not recommended. The entrance into the barn is gravel...once again...high heels are not recommended. :) Have guests dress accordingly to weather since the Barn itself is not climate controlled. Show up and have a great time!

*Rental Restrictions Apply